We Are Canero Bridge

At Canero Bridge our vision is to be recognized internationally and locally as the best provider of procurement and logistic services in the oil and gas and marine sectors in Nigeria.


Some of our Products & Services

These are a few specific services we offer. Canero Bridge can provide a wide array of products and services for the entire oil & gas and marine workflow. Please contact us for more details, and lets see what we can do for you..

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Canero Bridge is a leading procurement and logistics company in Nigeria's Oil and Gas industry.
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What We Do?

Services We Offer

These are brief descriptions of the different areas Canero Bridge is specialized in.

Procurement and Logistics

We're committed to supplying your company with the equipment and materials you need to complete your projects.

Photogrammetric Mapping and Survey

We sell drones and we provide drone services like 3D GIS imaging, Thermal Imaging, and 4k video. We help you understand the location you're operating in.

Industrial Bolting System for Wellheads and Turbines

How about secure nuts, so your pipelines and equipment are secure? Lets help you get the upperhand in pipeline and equipment security.

Engineering, Marine Services, Industrial Radiators for CAT Engines.

As a company that operates a lot in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, we provide a several critical services for Marine operations.

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